The Campus Club is pleased to announce the results of elections for the Board of Directors for 2002-04. The following people have been elected:

Robert Baier

Madison Boyce

Anastasia Johnson

Rosemary Mecca

Peter Nickerson

Congratulations to those who've been elected and thank you to all members who participated by casting their ballots. Have a great summer!

Elizabeth White, Membership Chair



WELCOME to our new web site. On behalf of The Campus Club, I would like to take this opportunity to "thank you" for your interest in our Club. We hope by reading our information, it will entice you to become a member. The Campus Club is a "social" club promoting collegiality as our number one goal. Some of our activities have been discussion programs, a scholarship award program for our family members, an annual holiday party and encourage support of our music and athletic programs. Our Club has been working very hard to recruit new members as well as financial and administrative support. Our ultimate goal is to become an avenue where our faculty and professional staff can have the opportunity to interact over lunch or a glass of wine. After you "check us out", please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.


Rosemary Mecca, President

Established in 1953 as the Faculty Club, UB's premier social club changed its name some ten years ago to encourage the membership of others in the UB community in addition to faculty. The purpose of the Campus Club is to develop and promote a sense of community, collegiality, and unity of purpose between all faculty and professional staff; to provide the opportunity for social discourse, interaction, and networking across departmental and divisional boundaries; and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information necessary for improving the welfare of UB.

All faculty and professional staff who are part of the University at Buffalo community, including active or retired constituents of the State, Research Foundation, University at Buffalo Foundation, the Faculty Student Association, and UB Alumni Association are encouraged to join.

To download Membership Application, click here ... UB Campus Club Membership Application (pdf)

To view Membership Application online, click here ...UB Campus Club Membership Application (html)

UB Campus Club is a member of the Association of Faculty Clubs International. Member Clubs of the Association recognize and honor a reciprocal agreement which allows individual members of a faculty club to visit any of the other Clubs within the Association. The reciprocal agreement encourages fellowship among the various universities and enhances the lines of communication between the associated Clubs and their individual members.


Currently serving on the Board ...


The Campus Club offers the opportunity for any dues paying Campus Club member or immediate family member of a Campus Club member to apply for a scholarship to support undergraduate or graduate/professional education.

For more information on eligibility criteria and to download the application, please click here ... Campus Club Scholarship Application.

Recent Campus Club articles in The Reporter ...


Dr. David Penniman presented "What is Informatics?"

Dr. Vince Ebert held a discussion on his travels to Russia.

Dr. Robert Baier held a discussion on his collaborative work in Russia/Siberia.

Dr.Wolfgang Wolck presented his research on "Sounds of Buffalo: People's Accents in Our City".

Provost Elizabeth Capaldi presented her research of eating habits (in rats and humans).

Dr. Barbara Bono held a discussion on "Shakespeare in Love: His Work and its Interpretation of Love".

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